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Ros Abingdon, UK Absolutely amazing vegetarian ftira. Massive, amazing value and the best veggie food I had in Malta by a long shot. Only wish I had had more time to go there more than once.
Noel Vella Perth Australia This is the best pizza (ftira) on the island maybe in the world! Mouth watering every time I think about it. When I think of MAXOKK I think of great fresh pizza, summer heat and beautiful gozo. thank you Maxokk family keep doing a great job
Publiju Attard Marsaxlokk Tal-ostja! Specjalment il-patata... mmmmmmmmmm
Jason Australia Best pizza in Malta that was in 2012!! Will be back in June for some more
Gadget and Ding Michigan, USA I loved the pizza. Never had potatoes on pizza but that is how i will make mine at home from now on. The most delicious pizza ever. We tried 3 different pizzas with our friend that lives in Malta. He said it was a MUST HAVE when you go to Gozo. I cannot wait to return there. THANK YOU so much for the excellent pizza pie!!!!!
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