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Noel Vella Perth Australia This is the best pizza (ftira) on the island maybe in the world! Mouth watering every time I think about it. When I think of MAXOKK I think of great fresh pizza, summer heat and beautiful gozo. thank you Maxokk family keep doing a great job
Publiju Attard Marsaxlokk Tal-ostja! Specjalment il-patata... mmmmmmmmmm
Jason Australia Best pizza in Malta that was in 2012!! Will be back in June for some more
Gadget and Ding Michigan, USA I loved the pizza. Never had potatoes on pizza but that is how i will make mine at home from now on. The most delicious pizza ever. We tried 3 different pizzas with our friend that lives in Malta. He said it was a MUST HAVE when you go to Gozo. I cannot wait to return there. THANK YOU so much for the excellent pizza pie!!!!!
Alison Bugeja Rabat, Malta Super pizza....inzajt bil-ferh u grejta sa ta' Pinu
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